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Doll Clothing and Sewing Patterns

Handcrafted Clothing

kit pj step 10_edited.jpg

18" Sewing Patterns PDF

Kit in colonial gown_edited.jpg
18" Clothing and Patterns: Products

Fabrics by Peaches & Fig

One of a kind fabrics and wallpapers for 18" dolls. 1:3 scales designed by us and manufactured by Spoonflower.

Kit chicken keeping fabric_edited.jpg

Replica Chicken Keeping Fabric

1914 Meet Outfit sized for Children and Adults

samantha fabric.png
Josefina meet skirt.png

1824 Meet Skirt for dolls

Replica Cape Island scarf fabric

Addy cape island scarf fabric.png
Kirsten baking 1.jpg

Replica Baking Fabric

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18" Clothing and Patterns: Ideas & Inspiration
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