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Modern Bathroom

Beauty Collections

We took our knowledge of fine fragrances and high-quality products and applied it to a high-class beauty routine.
We now offer the most natural hydrating chapsticks that make our customers swoon. 
We also took bath time to a whole new level with our fine fragrances by adding Shower Steamers to our fine fragrance line.

Beauty: Collections

Chap Stick made Organic and Natural


We use only Natural and Organic Beeswax, Shea Butter and Coconut Oil in our Organic Chapstick.
Our customers rave over the hydration without a greasy heavy feeling. 
We offer 5 different flavors so you can try the ChapStick that makes a difference.

Shower Steamers


Shower Steamers work by fizzing fresh fragrance into the shower as soon as water or steam hit this big disc.

We love how easy they are to use and how they make every bath feel like a lux spa.

eucalyptus shower steamer.jpg
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