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Sewing Patterns to create your own style.

Sized for 18-inch dolls like American Girl, Our Generation, My Life As

We love to get lost in the 1:3 scale world. There is something amazing about creating 18-inch doll clothes and items. These items can be made to suit your taste and are perfect to teach skills and history to the next generation.

All of our patterns are tested multiple times and created with easy-to-follow instructions because we want to inspire the next generation of sewing and doll play. 

Sewing Patterns for dolls: Collections
kit overalls_edited.jpg

Kit's Overalls

This overall pattern features 2 working buttons in front and 3 decorative buttons in the back. 
These overalls can be made in any lightweight material. We recommend our replica fabric in lightweight canvas for that vintage look.
Supplies needed are 1/4 yard fabric, 5 buttons (1/4"), 2 inches of velcro, and thread to match the fabric.

cargo pants with pockets_edited.jpg

Cargo Pants with 4 working pockets

Endless options for these cargo pants. This pattern is easy to use and features 4 working pockets so your doll can carry all the accessories. 
Supplies needed 1/4 yard fabric, 2 inches of velcro, and thread to match the fabric. 
These can be made in lightweight jean material, broadcloth or upcycle an old pair of cargo pants.

Kit bloomers finished 1_edited.jpg

1930's Feed Sack Bloomers pattern

"Things that never were". These bloomers are a feature of a story and we are glad to bring them to life. 
Feed Sacks were used in the 1930s to create clothing items to save money and have new clothing during tough economic times.
These bloomers can be made with a drawstring closure or elastic.
Supplies needed 1/8" yard fabric, 11" of elastic or 25" of twill tape, and matching thread.

kit pj step 10_edited.jpg

1930's Pajamas

Sleep in style with these cute pajamas. Reminiscent of 1930s girls' sleep attire, these feature 3 decorative buttons and lots of ruffles for a classic night's rest.
Supplies needed 1/2 yard fabric, 3 buttons 1/4", and matching thread.

undergarments set.jpg

Colonial Undergarments

Now you can make your own stays, pocket, and bum roll with our easy-to-follow patterns.

Kirsten baking final_edited.jpg

Kirsten Baking Dress

Bake with your family some traditional Swedish dishes with this cute replica baking dress.

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