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Uniquely Designed Fabrics for Girls and Dolls

Spoonflower provides printing for our fabric designs. 
We have small-scale doll fabrics and matching kids/adults fabrics to make items to match Girls/Dolls.

Fabrics: Infographics

Civil War Era Fabric Designs

Cape Island Hair tie fabric

Cape Island fabric.png
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1820's New Mexico region

Maroon sized for Girls

Josefina Meet 1 scale.png

Maroon sized for dolls

Josefina Meet 1 scale.png
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1850' Prairie Style

Baking Dress fabric for dolls

Kirsten baking 1.jpg

Trail Dress fabric for dolls

trail dress .png

School Dress ver.1

fabric print school dress.png
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1850' Journey to Freedom

Work Apron

work dress apron print.png
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1900's Frill

Child and Adult Size meet fabric

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1920's to 1930's Era Prints

1930's Chicken Keeeping print

kit overalls_edited_edited.jpg

1930's Christmas Cinema print

1930 Cinema prints.png

1930 Play print

1930 play print.png
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1940's WW2 Fabrics

Victory Fabric for dolls

Victory fabric for dolls.png

Victory Fabric for Girls/Adults

Victory fabric for dolls.png
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