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18" doll Gloves Free Pattern

Updated: Jan 20

Here is a free pattern to sew your doll gloves. I am working on making items from this pattern and will include pictures soon.

Modify this pattern to suit your needs and taste.

18 inch doll gloves with test square
Download PDF • 1.51MB

Oven Mitt -

Print pattern and cut out batting and cotton. Sew together for some cute oven mitts. Perfect with a matching apron and chef hat. (coming soon).

Mittens -

Don't let your dolly get cold. Upcycle a thin old sweater and make some mittens for your child's doll. This pattern is perfect, just cut at the first line labeled "mittens".

( Some suggestions for sewing- line up opening edge of glove with edge of old sweater so you don't even have to finish the gloves opening. Also highly suggest using pinking shears to cut old sweaters. Pinking shears cut a zig zag pattern to keep the sweater from unraveling. )

Looks like she needs a coat next!

Kid Gloves-

Who doesn't love Mary Ellen's short gloves? These historic gloves were called kid gloves. They end at the wrist for a feminine touch. I think they will look best in white or cream, but I plan to make some in cotton prints to match the dresses.

Long Gloves-

And I finally get to the long gloves. You will see it marked on the pattern. I created this pattern just to make Caroline Abbott's long gloves for her Holiday gown. I cannot see paying $25 for these gloves from name brand. I want to be able to make them in white, black, and other colors. I suggest using Satin, lace or Silk.

Happy doll sewing!

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