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18" Doll Horse Sewing Patterns Free

Imagine it, Christmas 2022 a little girl opens a giant box, and what's inside? An American Girl horse! Penny to be exact. If yall know about American Girls, then you know Penny is Felicity's horse. Penny and Felicity are both retired right now.

I found Penny for my horse-obsessed daughter on the secondhand market. Thankfully Penny the horse is in great shape and my daughter loves her!

The AG horses can be cheap and easy to find, but their accessories are harder to find. Especially Penny's stirrups. The way they made these stirrups makes them come off the doll and get lost easily.

I am hunting for one stir-up, but in the meantime, I thought I would share patterns to sew for horses. Please check back often or subscribe because today I am only adding a pattern for the saddle pad and a saddle today.

I have it on my list to make a circus outfit for a doll and horse, a derby outfit for a horse with a winning ribbon, and some other items. I will update you when complete.

For now, please enjoy a saddle and saddle blanket pattern.

Horse saddle and felt
Download PDF • 710KB

Happy sewing. Oh and please disregard the stir-ups. There's no way a doll foot is going in there.

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