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18" doll Mermaid outfit sewing pattern fits AG, Our Generation, Journey Girls and Madam Alexander

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Here is our free American Girl doll size mermaid out. This easy sewing project is great to make with a young child because it is quick.

We used 4 way stretch material from here. This 4 way stretch doe not require a stretch needle or special stitch because the vinyl designs make the fabric so firm.

Just cut it out, add some seams and you'll be the proud owner of a mermaid outfit for your doll.

This pattern is hand drafted with pencil, but I am teaching myself Adobe Illustrator right now so I can update to a cleaner version.

If you are used to reading patterns these should be no trouble.

If you are new to patterns it is ok, just read the step by step guide at the bottom.

Please leave a pic if you make this outfit. I would love to see everyone's craftiness.

We are sewing Christmas presents and adding free patterns as we create them. So check back often for more doll size patterns.

mermaid body page 1
Download PDF • 206KB

Mermaid body page 2
Download PDF • 243KB

mermaid fin doll
Download PDF • 226KB

Swimsuit for 18 inch doll
Download PDF • 263KB

Mermaid purse
Download PDF • 242KB

Here are step by step instructions.

This fabric is 4 way stretch which is usually hard to work with, but this fabric was a breeze.

I used a regular needle and regular tension without any troubles.

I am linking fabric I used. This was the cheapest small print "scales" I could find.

This eBay seller says she only has 2 yards available so I'll update link if she sells out.


  • Sewing Machine

  • Scissors

  • Thread


Fabric ( I would guess any will do for tail, but swimsuit must be stretch)

• 11" length of 3/4" elastic

Step 1- Print Pattern

Step 2- Tape pattern together matching boxes ( if your printer added a boarder it needs to be removed)

Step 3- Pin pattern to fabric. The tail needs to be cut twice. Once with pattern print up and once with pattern print down.

Step 4- Cut fabric out

Step 5- Sew as shown with a 1/4" seam

Step 6- Flip fins right side out. Sew 1" around from edge to add detail.

Step 7- Flip top of waist down 1" and sew. Leave a small opening to insert elastic

Step 8- Insert elastic by putting a safety pin on edge of elastic and pushing through waistband casing.

Step 9- Close hole in waistband.

Step 10- Pin fins by placing fins in body of mermaid. Body of mermaid should still be inside out.

Step 11- Straight stitch across bottom with a 1/2" seam. Make sure to catch them tail fins!

Step 12- Flip the mermaid right side out and enjoy an easy job that's well done.

This is a quick easy sew for beginners. Even though it is 4 way stretch, the iridescent design makes this fabric very firm and easy to sew.

As a bonus seams do not have to be finished with any special technique because 4 way stretch does not ravel.

I hope you enjoyed this article.

If you make this please leave a picture in the comments. And don't forget to subscribe to our website for more patterns and sewing instructions.

We plan to sew another 10 outfits before Christmas and are looking forward to making more great, easy to use patterns.

Here are updated files in Adobe. I am teaching myself Adobe so please have mercy!

If you can open Adobe, this pattern is a little clearer.

mermaid body page 1 Adobe
Download AI • 52KB

Mermaid body page 2 Adobe
Download AI • 778KB

mermaid fin doll Adobe
Download PDF • 54KB

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