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18” doll purse patterns

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

I've created some easy patterns to sew a few different doll purses. Most of the purses I see in stores for dolls are bright colors and really don't match outfits well. I'm glad to make different colors and time periods so each doll outfit has a tote.

I wish the store sold a 5 pack of different purses, but I haven't seen one yet. These purses are easy to make and will use up those scrap fabrics.

First up is a basic purse pattern. I whipped this up in 15 minutes using scrap fabric and light weight interfacing.

Material List

- 5" square fabric

- 10" of 1/4" ribbon

- 5" square interfacing

Basic Purse 18 inch doll
Download PDF • 393KB

Step 1. Print pattern, pin to fabric and cut fabric.

Step 2. Edge stitch all the way around body of purse.

Step 3. Pin ribbon onto purse body. Make sure ribbon edge is turned under 1/2".

Step 4. Straight sew ribbons to purse body.

Step 5. Sew each side of purse with 1/4" seam.

Step 6. Bend corner Flat. Sew 5/8" seam with Straight stitch.

Step 7. Turn Right side out and attach Bow.

18 inch doll reusable grocery bag
Download PDF • 308KB

A reusable shopping bag for her grocery run! How cute is that?

I love the idea of teaching sustainable living and having the doll copy Mom.

This tote bag is made with fabric only, no interfacing.

I left my bag plain, but it would be cool to add a sticker, patch or embroidery. I can see a picture of fruit, farm animals or the words home grown.

Material List

- 6" square of fabric

Step 1. Print pattern and cut fabric.

Step 2. Fold straps in half longwise and iron

Step 3. Fold edge of bag under 1/4". Iron and sew.

Step 4. Sew straps onto edge of bag.

Step 5. Sew bag body edges.

Step 6. Turn right side out and decorate.

This bag is great if you have a grocery set. Child can lay out good items and put them in bag while they shop. Also, if bag is made a little larger it would be perfect with some beach fabric to go to the beach. We will add beach tote pattern soon though.

I just ran into a great article on creating a raised garden bed for 18" dolls from Leann H. on Pinterest. This tote would be great for the doll who wants to visit local farm for fresh fruits and vegetables.


I don't love the color I chose for this bag and plan to make another in a pastel.

This is the pattern and instructions for a drawstring purse. The next one I make must have dangling beads on the bottom.

Material List

- 10" square of fabric

- 5" elastic

-5" ribbon

Step1. Print pattern and cut fabric.

Step 2. With right sides together sew fabric with 1/2" seam. Leave an opening to turn fabric

Step 3. Turn fabric right side out, iron flat.

Step 4. Sew all the way around bag 2" in.

Step 5. Sew around bag 1", leave opening to put elastic in.

Step 6. Place 5" elastic into the channel you just created. Sew elastic ends together.

Step 7. Straight sew the opening closed.

Step 8. Sew all the way around edge of bag with 1/4" seam. Place ribbon in the opening before sewing shut. This ribbon will be the handle of bag.

This drawstring bag will look great with something hanging from the bottom. Maybe sew on beads or a tassel. I feel like this is an evening bag. Next time I sew I plan to use light color satin or maybe lace.

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