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Updated: Jun 30

Hi, Ali! Thank you for taking time to interview with us.

We are hyper excited about your brand-new small business selling tee shirts, signs, mugs with your Cricut machine.

There are many people who have started using Cricut and it seems that we have many questions.

Hello! First, I wanted to let you know I am Aly with a y. (Don't feel bad I went from Kindergarten-4th grade being called Lisa by my bus driver and never even corrected him- Haha)


Thank you so much for picking me for an interview! I am very excited. I thoroughly enjoy your blog and have learned a lot from all of the information you post. It has been such a help to me starting out my small business.

I have never used a Cricut, can you tell me what it is and what it does?

Cricut is a brand of cutting machine. I have the Cricut Explore 3 but there are several variations out there. It makes intricate cuts flawlessly and opens up a whole new world for creativity with its designspace app. The app is where you can pick from designs made by Cricut or made public by others or create your own. Once you have picked or created your design you load your machine with whatever material you are wanting to use, and it will cut it out for you. There are so many opportunities for creative projects.

What can be made with a Cricut?