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Amazon Prime

Updated: Jul 11

By now I am sure everyone knows about Amazon and their rewards program Amazon Prime.

Normally Amazon Prime costs $12.99/month for all of the great services listed below, but there are discounts for Amazon Prime too.

They offer $6.49/mo. for students (click link for savings)

They offer $5.99/mo. for anyone with Link, TANF, Medicare or other qualifying low income.

You can check eligibility here and sign up for free trial.

Free Trial Eligibility

In case you aren’t using all the benefits of Amazon Prime…

• Free Delivery

-1 day delivery on millions of items

- 2 day delivery on most other things

- 2 hr. delivery of groceries in select cities!

Amazon Music membership included with Prime. Millions of songs available.

• Free Amazon Videos on your phone or TV.

Free Books with Amazon Prime.

• Free Video Games and in game add ins.

• Amazon will back up photos from your phone free!

( I live by this benefit. It’s priceless to know my pictures are safely backed up.)

Amazon has become the #1 shopping experience for a reason. It only takes one click to find exactly what you are looking for and have it at your doorstep the next day.

If you don’t have Prime, go ahead and take a look at the program to see if it can save you money.

Since getting Prime I've gotten rid of my Kindle and E-book charges, stopped making needless trips to the store every other day and I was able to find a Pistachio syrup to recreate that Starbucks drink.

The program is available to check out here.

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