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18” doll size Stocking Pattern and Stuffers

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

We are creating an 18" doll theme Christmas this year. With 7 little girls in the family there are more than a few American Girl dolls to help celebrate Christmas spirit.

Here is a free pattern to help you celebrate with your little one too.

American Girl Christmas Stocking Pattern
Download PDF • 184KB

This is an easy to sew project with your child too.

I sourced material from the local consignment shop in this Buffalo pattern.

(It is actually a long sleeve flannel shirt size 2T and I got it for $1. Talk about a deal.)

This cheap and easy sew is going to be awesome gift tag toppers for each of the girls presents.


• Sewing machine or needle and thread

•. Scissors

•. Printed Pattern


•. Christmas type fabric

•. 1.5" ribbon to hang stocking


1. Download our free pattern and print.

2. Lay fabric out with 2 layers.

3. Pin pattern to fabric.

4. Cut fabric out.

5. Pin fabric together with right sides facing each other.

6. Sew 3 sides, make sure to leave top open!

7. Sew 1.5" long ribbon to corner of stocking.

8. Flip stocking right side out.

9. Fill with goodies!

I plan to link some printables for stocking stuffers here soon.

I plan to go to Dollar Tree to find candy canes and hopefully a miniature "toy" like a horse, doll or something.

Other cute printable ideas are a small doll size book, candy wrappers, "crayons", and Chapstick.

I have a pattern for doll size socks here. They would be good stocking stuffers too.


If you love sewing for American Girl dolls or are looking for cute gift ideas you can check out our free PJ pants pattern here.

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