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Artist Spotlight- Professional Wreath Maker

Nikki Vee, thank you for taking time to sit with us and answer some questions about your small business Nikki Vee's Pretties.


Magnolia & Willows blog regularly features Artists, Authors and Creators to shine a light on their work.

We hope to inspire others to live their dreams by highlighting small businesses to show how got their start, what they do each day and how they are growing.


Welcome My Pretties Fall Wreath

Nikki Vee’s Pretties makes some of the most beautiful wreaths I’ve ever seen!

How did you get started making wreaths?

 I would shop for wreaths to match my holiday decor and could never find one I liked so I started making my own.   

Your designs are so on trend and fresh. What inspires these gorgeous designs?

 I get inspiration everywhere.  From the wreaths I see every day on people's doors, (I spot them all now) to the latest wreath trends I see on-line. I always think of ways I can make them better and more affordable.


Cutie Scarecrow Wreath

I’ve never made a wreath before, what materials do you use in your wreaths?  

The main materials are 1) wreath forms - I buy metal ones and grapevines for floral (grapevines are the wreath forms made out of sticks), 2) deco mesh, 3) chenille pipe stems, 4) ribbon, and 5) a cool sign. 


I can easily see why you sell out at every show but let me back up a little. What helped you decide to start a small business making wreaths?  

A friend asked me to make a wreath for her and she offered to pay me for it.  I was shocked and thought why not turn my hobby into a business.  This was also right around the time my son was starting college so earning extra income sounded like a great idea at the time.


For anyone who’s looking to start a small business, what advice can you give them?

 Just go for it!  Especially if you have the passion for something - you will NOT fail!  You will have an opportunity to meet some pretty amazing people and I can't even really explain the awesome feeling you will have when you see your customer proudly displaying something you created.  I can't even begin to tell you how much I love seeing my wreaths on my customers doors. 

Fluffy Pumpkin Wreath

I meet many makers and artists and I find making the products and selling the products are 2 different tasks. What selling platforms do you use to get your wreaths to the buyer?

 I participate in craft shows.  I do very well at those.  I think seeing my wreaths in person help customers get a better understanding of my price ranges.  My wreaths are full, and I do not use cheap materials.  You can also see my wreaths on Facebook, which is where my shop is, Instagram and Tik Tok.  I am currently working on a website and can't wait to share that with the world soon, uber excited about that!  Stay tuned by following me on all my social media platforms.


I’m familiar with Holiday wreaths, but you offer wreath designs year-round. Can you show us some designs for all seasons?  

Definitely.  Here are a few all-year wreaths I've made.

Holy Cross Wreath

Sweet Summer Time Wreath

I know you offer personalized options because I’ve seen some of the creations. What type of personalized wreaths do you offer?

 I have created military wreaths, cemetery/memorial wreaths, awareness wreaths, and business wreaths.  I also personalized a Valentine's wreath.  Check out my Facebook page for a look at all my custom order wreaths. 

Personalized School Colors


Memory Wreath

Magnolia & Willows Business Logo Wreath

Is there a wreath hanging on your door right now? Can we see it?!  

Of course.  Go Bears - off to a great start so far.  I'm excited for this season to start already!


Football Team wreath

I’m sure our readership will be interested in keeping up with you, please share your tags for Instagram and Facebook so we can follow along on your small business journey and gorgeous products.
Instagram - Nikki_Vees_Pretties
Tik Tok - Nikki Vees Pretties


I have to admit I have never owned a wreath for my home until I saw a Nikki Vee’s Pretties wreath. Now I own 3 and my collection is growing!

There’s something warm and inviting about a door with a full, fluffy wreath on it.

We plan to purchase more to hang over our bed in the spare bedroom and over the mantle of our fireplace. Wreaths are versatile design options and no longer relegated to just the front door.


Magnolia & Willows interviews a small business, Artesian, Author or Artist once each month with the goal of spotlighting their work and inspiring others to live their dreams.

Sometimes it can seem hard to start a small business. We want to make sure to offer information and inspiration to help each person live their lives loud.


Please consider following our blog at to stay informed.

We plan to revisit each Artist Spotlight one year later to see how their business and vision has changed in a year.


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