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Candles to gift

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Here at Magnolia & Willows we love to create candles that are a unique decoration or gift. Don’t get us wrong we do stock great container candles like our aroma collection.

Aromatherapy Collection

Our Aromatherapy Collection provides Natural hand poured candles in beautiful glass jars.

Magnolia & Willows loves offering unique candles that are interesting to look at and perfect to gift.

Spring Collection ‘22

Spring Collection ‘22 boasts 8 oz of premium soy wax in white matte tumblers with decorative flower toppers made of soy/beeswax blend. We consider it an experience to burn this candle. The flowers allow wax to melt into the petal and loop down the flowers.

This line ships in complementary black matte gift tubes. They make great gifts.

Our Coffee collection boasts Coffee and Cocoa scented mugs filled with premium wax and topped with lush, whipped cream. The mug from our coffee collection sells out at every show we go to.

Magnolia & Willows Coffee Collection

We aim to make candles that are not like a box store and every step we take in our processes is different. From our first steps of designing hand pour small batch with special design elements like whipped topping, flowers, cacti to hand pouring with natural waxes instead of paraffin, to packaging each candle as a gift we deeply desire to add spice to life. Intrigue to someone’s day, special memories to gift, something unique to enjoy.

Magnolia & Willows candle sampler

Our Candle Sampler shows our style well. This sampler price point of $20 is great price to try some of our customer favorites. Fruit Loops, Cactus Flower, Fresh Coffee and Monster scent each in 4 oz vessels. You can see how much we love to create artistic, designer candles. This pack is great to try our style and quality and comes gift wrapped just like all of our products.

Our Christmas’21 gift wrap

We also offer a full line of personalized candles to commemorate special moments and people in your life. We have Birthday candles, Memorial candles, Wedding/Anniversary candles and custom designs. We absolutely love creating products that celebrate special moments in our customers lives.

Personalized Memorial Candles

Wedding favors or Anniversary gift

Our newest Wax Melt is perfect Valentine’s Day gift. 3 oz premium soy bleeding heart wax melt.

The creamy white heart shape melts a surprising red color as it melts.

Bleeding Heart Wax Melts

All of our products are designed to be interesting, giftable and enjoyably unique.

We want our customers to delight from the moment the package arrives gift wrapped until the last drop of wax.

Cactus & Succulent Candles

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