Create a dough bowl Candle

Updated: Jul 8

We are obsessed with the rustic look and high fragrance of our dough bowl candles and so is everyone else.

I thought we would do a tutorial on how we make them.

Keep a couple things in mind as you learn. First, we are trained, insured professionals. All of the items we are working with are potentially dangerous. Heat, wax, wood, and other items are treated with utmost care to keep not only us safe, but to provide a safe product for our customer.

Secondly, we may promote items in this post that we use. If you click on a link we may earn a commission for any sales. This payment does not come from you, but from our suppliers for promoting their product. We only include products or items we use and trust.

Our 16 oz. Dough bowl candle has been a best seller recently. It is easy to see why. It starts with rough hewn wood and natural soy wax and is enhanced by our 10% fragrance load of clean scent technology.

Once we package our dough bowls with farmhouse ribbons and cellophan, they are irresistible.

Lets see how it’s done.

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