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Elephant Applique Quilt crib size

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I posted this quilt on Facebook and have had many people ask for instructions.

The quilt was a gift for my grandson and was shipped to him some time ago.

So I've written instructions as I can remember, but I have not verified instructions yet.

Next week (2nd week in December'22) I will make quilt based on these instructions to verify they are correct. Please check back then if you need perfect, verified instructions.

When I make next week I plan to make with some other animal maybe a dinosaur or something so check back either way for more animal appliqué.

This is quilted with 1/4" seams. The elephants are appliqué by using interfacing on back of fabric and sewing onto large black square with a tight zig zag stitch.

I ended up purchasing eyes from Etsy because I did not like any eye I made.

Here's link for eye patches. The ones I purchased were from Etsy and that shop has closed.

I purchased the Alabama team fabric from which is now owned by Amazon.

I will look for these fabrics and add links when I find it.

Material List

• 2 yards gray Alabama fabric

• 2 yards black fabric

• 2 yards red Alabama fabric

• 2 yards checkered fabric

• 1 yard red fabric

Elephant quilt key page 1
Download PDF • 996KB

Elephant materials page 2
Download PDF • 618KB

Elephant body page 3
Download PDF • 204KB

Elephant quilt head page 4
Download PDF • 176KB

Elephant quilt trunk ear page 5
Download PDF • 205KB

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