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Heap’s Giant Pumpkin Patch

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

It's that time of year again, time to snuggle in warm blankets, turn up the furnace and watch the leaves turn.

We love the fall in Northern Illinois. Every year we decorate the house inside and out with fall candles in warm fragrances, and pumpkins everywhere!

On our list of things to do each Fall is our annual trip to Heap's Pumpkin Patch in Minooka.

This one is our favorite spot because not only is it easy to get to, it's also huge!

About 10 minute drive from I-80 and 12 mini from Morris, IL makes this a great, easy adventure day for the kids and us.

Heap's seems to have everything we need to celebrate the changing season. Here are some of the can't miss activities.


2 stories tall and approximately 100 foot square, this is easily the biggest playground castle I've ever seen. As soon as you walk in your transported to a medevil small village. It took everything in my brown body not to start directing a siege. " Close the gates!" I wanted to scream (and I'm 40 yrs old lol).

Kids love climbing one of 4 look out towers and chasing their friends through this safe fantasy land.

Two of the corners are built to look like ships and have steering wheels and slides!

The shorter ship and slide on the Castle

What a treat for a child's imagination.

Giant Slide

I can admit I haven't been on this monster, because it is just so big. I'm guessing 3 stories high!

I have watched family slide down and it looked fast and fun. Maybe I'll be brave this year.

The line was very fast for a busy park and this is on our list of things to conquer this year.

It’s bigger than it looks

Petting Zoo

My child is still very young so we get our kicks at the petting zoo. Last year she got to meet a very nice calf, some chickens and goats.

If your anxious about dirt like I am make sure to pack hand wipes. Heap's farm has sanitizer available, but the restrooms are portapotties so I found it difficult to get our hands clean under running water.

There was a cute calf in his own house and fence to pet. Farther along the way there were free range chickens and goats to pet.

Haybales to climb

Heap's fills a pole barn with hay ales just so bigger kids can climb, let off energy and use their imagination.

We have not played in this area yet, but we hope to this year.

Make sure to have strong play clothes on for these adventures.


They offer daytime hayrides to their 50-acre pumpkin patch and special moonlight hayrides. We are excited to go on one this year. Last year our group was so large we couldn't wrangle everyone onto the schedule. I'll add pictures when we go. ❤

Pumpkin Patch

Sadly, the same here. Heaps made it easy by having a ton of gorgeous pumpkins, gourds and mums right near the entrance to choose from, so we did not go to the patch.

Entrance and General Store

The entrance also offered many photo opportunities for us to stage pictures of the kids.

There is a good vendor and a small general store at the entrance. We enjoyed hot cocoa and choosing a precut pumpkin then took some great photos.


Admission is $10 on weekends and $8 on weekdays. They call a weekday Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only.

Children under 3 are free.

I had no trouble purchasing items with a credit or debit card, but I did need some change to get fees out of a machine for the petting zoo.

The hours of operation are 10am to 6:30pm everyday until October 31st.

Load the kids and head over to make find fall memories, take perfect pictures and have a day of fun at this amazing, local farm.

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