Impress with product packaging

Updated: Jul 8

Have you ever purchased something from an online site and been less than impressed when it arrived? I can remember quite a few packages I’ve received from eBay where the seller squished the item in the smallest bag possible to save on shipping.

That might get the job done but it is definitely not the look you want for your small business.

Poor packing and packaging

When I first started selling on Etsy, I was so intimidated by shipping. I have a Birthday cake candle with gorgeous, whipped topping and I can remember the first order I got I said “Yeah! Umm how do I ship this?!!!”

Major problem!! I went to the post office and the nice woman helped me package it by covering it with a plastic cup!!

I bet you can guess how that went. The customer received a broken mess! How embarrassing. I immediately refunded her money and sent a 2nd candle. Thankfully she was understanding, but I lost money on that order for shipping twice.

Etsy is a great place to start for this reason. The first orders you will get on Etsy are friends and family. this gives you time to practice shipping and packaging.

I wanted to make a blog post with some basic shipping and packaging tips for small businesses who are just starting out.