How it all begins

Updated: Jul 6

By Magnolia & Willows

This is a vision I have had for many years now.

I have been blessed with skills and I enjoy teaching and empowering people with knowledge.

January 2021 a family friend said “You should make candles!” She had known someone who had purchased candle supplies but decided not to use them.

I thought I know nothing about making candles besides that I was doing so much sewing to help with the pandemic.

I did what most people would do and said “Oh that’s nice, great idea” thinking the whole time that was the end of that!

Well, low and behold my friend girl was stubborn!

The next time I saw her she had boxes and bags and books all about candle making.

I started and was hooked! The pure fight to create something functional, beautiful and enjoyed by others is just the kind of challen