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Interview with local Artist Becca Rodriguez

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

By Magnolia & Willows

On a freezing January day, we braved the cold to sit down with up-and-coming local artist Becca Rodriguez.

She recently opened her Art canvas store after having success after success with her Art.

This post is taken in excerpts from the Artist herself on where she gets her inspiration, what it takes to make sellable art and what it feels like to be called an artist.

Please note- this post is to highlight local talented people, what they do and their opinions.

KBM Collections Art pieces are available directly for purchase here.

Raspberry Galaxy, 2020

Becca, what inspires your art pieces?”

I would say my passion to create is my inspiration for my art.

And how did you get into art prints?

Art has always been a passion of mine since I was in high school. Now that I am a mother of two, I am always busy with my children. I’ve found that art is a way to express myself all while relaxing.

You have had such success since launching your online store, do you have any advice for those of us starting out?

I would tell them you have to do what makes you happy. Even it takes a little extra time, or makes a little more of a mess. Someone wise once told me people can’t buy what they don’t know exists. So put your work out there and take a chance!

I really want to know what does it feel like to have people love your work so much?

It means the world to me for people to enjoy and admire my artwork. Brings me confidence to know people see the same beauty and originality in my pieces as I do.

I hear you are considering doing Art festivals in the Summer. How is BR creations preparing for this next chapter?

We have exciting new designs we are working on now

If I had a specific design in mind would I be able to describe it to you and have it made?

Sure, we have many customers that are looking for certain colors for their homes. We work with them to create prints they love.

Red Truck, 2017 (customer request)

So you are flexible with your creating process enough to create personal pieces. That must be quite a challenge.

Jawbreaker, 2019 (sold)

Can you tell me about one of your favorite works?

Hmmm probably jaw breaker. It was a simple design that had plenty of colors with such little effort. It was a blank canvas panel with splattered colors in the middle.

How did you choose the colors for Jawbreaker?

I started with random color scheme and then saw a relation to a popular candy called Jaw Breakers.

One more question, Becca, where can we find your Art Prints?

KBM Collections has Art prints available at

Champaign Shadows, 2021


Each month in 2022 we will host Interview with Local People. The purpose is to showcase the American spirit by interviewing ordinary people in our communities that are following their dreams to extraordinary places.

We want to find out what it takes to follow a dream to success, how does the journey feel and what advice each person has to offer.

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