Interview with YOYOBELLACO Luxury Bath Products

Updated: Mar 16

March Artist Spotlight

Interview with YOYO BELLA Co -Luxury Bath Products

Luxury Bath Bars

You have been making soap and bath products for quite a while now. How did you get into soap making?

I am in love with bath and beauty products. I was the one who looked for the soap makers at craft shows and it‘s instant attraction when I see handmade soap. The colors and scents and creativity amazes me the most. But as a consumer with sensitive and acne prone skin, natural and high-quality ingredients has always been important to me, and I understand the concerns others with sensitive skin have. After more than a year of research, I started making handmade soap and I love the chance of creating my own unique creations.

What are the differences between box store soaps and your products?

Store bought box soap is usually filled with harsh detergents and artificial ingredients. These ingredients tend to dry out your skin more and consumers are more likely to have allergic reactions to these artificial ingredients. My handmade soaps are made with a calculated amount of natural oils that provide an effective cleansing of the skin without fully stripping the skin of oils that the skin must sustain to look and feel healthy. With a combination of natural oils and their benefits to skin, handmade soap can be customized for a consumer. As a soap-maker I would never make any medical claims and a dermatologist should always be consulted for consumers with sensitive skin, but some consumers have seen improvement in their skin’s appearance.