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Interview with Realtor Star Grieff

We snagged an exclusive interview with Nationally recognized Real Estate agent Star Grieff.

This interview is much anticipated both for our readers who have been interested in changing careers and so we can get an idea of the current market.

1. Star, can you tell us how you got into Real Estate as a profession?

I was a Stay-at-home Mom. I thought Real Estate would be a profession that I could be good at, was inexpensive to get started and would be flexible so I could still stay home with my kids. I honestly didn't realize how it would quickly take over my life, but I have no regrets. I love helping people!

2. Some of our readers may be interested in becoming a Real Estate agent. Do you have any suggestions or advice you can give us about how to start?

Make sure you have a supportive family. Being self-employed, especially with real estate means working crazy hours, being on your phone a lot and having an inconsistent schedule. If it sounds like something you and your family can handle then I would recommend meeting with a local Designated Managing Broker in your area for an Interview to see if it's the right fit for you. If you are in Livingston County or a surrounding are please reach out to me!

3. What is a normal day as a real estate agent?

For me it starts at 6am with my devotional time, exercise, then I get ready and head to the office. Some Agents work from home, but the office helps me focus. From there it is a mix of appointments from showings, listings, putting up signs and lots of computer work! Some days are light, some days are not. Some days are early and some days are late!

4. I am sure you have seen quite a lot as you meet people and go through their homes. Are there any truly bizarre things you’ve seen and are at liberty to share? Toilets built into stairs, dungeons or secret rooms?

I have walked into several rooms with people still sleeping. It's so uncomfortable. I just had a client spend a lot of money to build a tornado shelter but as far as weird goes we don't see too much of that. It seems us mid westerners might be a bit on the boring side or at least they hide the weird for showings! LOL

5. Certainly home sales must be stressful for everyone involved, are there any tips you can give to people looking to list their homes?

Make a appointment with your Agent and have them walk you through the process before you list your home. Listen to the advice they give you. We can work with you on what to do to list your home for top dollar and to sell quickly. If you are considering selling on your own, I would recommend speaking with an Agent first. We can generally get you just as much money, do all the work and save you the stress so why wouldn't you. Also, Buyers do not generally like working with For Sale By Owners so you are really limiting your potential Buyers by trying to sell the home yourself. We give free listing consultations so please give me a call or text @ 815-848-0015. We need more listings!

6. On the reverse is there any good tips for home buyers? What to look for or good times to purchase?

PRE-APPROVAL, PRE-APPROVAL, PRE-APPROVAL! I cannot stress how important this first step is and yet most Buyers want to skip straight to seeing homes because it's the fun part. As Agents we want to help you but we work better when you are pre-approved and fully committed to working with us. Real Estate is a Relationship, this is going to help us help you! We are not Lenders but we can point you in the right direction so you are working with a Lender that has the programs to fit your needs. There is a lot of confusion as to the different programs available and the types of homes you can buy with each program. This is why it's so crucial to get your pre-approval before you start looking at homes. Call me with questions, I am here to help!

7. We saw your National award recently. Can you tell us more about it?

Thank you for the recognition, it felt good to receive it! This award came from a Vendor we use called HomeSnap. They have a nationwide data base of information for Agents so for them to recognize me as a TOP 5% Agent in the Nation is a big honor.

8. I love your work ethic and how thorough you are to make sure clients get a good safe home for their families. Can you take a moment to toot your own horn and tell us why Star Grieff realty is the preferred Realtor in the area?

Our clients are more than clients, they are our friends, our family, our neighbors. It is about so much more than a home or a transaction for us. It is about creating trust and building a long-lasting relationship! Finding a great home is just the icing on the cake. I hope all our clients walk away feeling like they are our only clients!

9. Please give us contact information so our readers can look at your website to find more information.

Star Grieff, Designated Managing Broker

Call or Text 815-848-0015

Office 815-702-STAR (7827)

802 W Washington St. Pontiac, IL 61764

Star Grieff Realty

Welcome to Star Grieff Realty. Established in 2020, with over 15 years in combined experience. We are a full-service Real Estate Agency servicing Livingston, McLean Counties and surrounding areas.

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