Josefina Montoya style clothes, 18" sewing patterns

Updated: 2 days ago

Josefina Montoya's American Girl collection is retired, but that doesn't mean the fun stops.

We're going to create some items for her including her skirt, belt, shirt, shoes and purse.

I am on a Mexican heritage kick because of this doll. I feel so inspired to create items for play for this Christmas season.

I've found an amazing tutorial to make her adobe oven here. Faking It Mostly really outdid herself with the free oven and food tutorial!

I feel like she needs a sombrero, poncho and a Christmas dress. And of course some shoes.

While we're at it, let's make a piñata for her spring celebrations too.

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18" Doll Skirt

I wanted to walk through an inexpensive and rather easy pattern for an 18" doll.

This skirt mimics Josefina Montoya. I love this extra hard because one white shirt matches many skirts. What's better than that?

This pattern works great for a fat quarter or any cotton material. Think outside the box by using fabric scraps or old clothes.

1. Cut fabric skirt 30" by 8.5". Cut waistband 12.5" by 1.25".

2. Gather top of skirt. HOW: run a straight stitch as long as machine allows and pull strings by hand until skirt top is as long at the waistband.

3. Iron waistband short side in half with wrong sides together.

4. Pin top of skirt to waistband with right sides together.

5. Sew skirt to waistband with 3/8" seam.

6. Remove gather stitch.

7. Finish raw edge of waistband. I used a zig zag stitch. You can serge, zig zag sew or cut with zig zag scissors.

8. Iron waistband with seam upward.

9. Pin waistband down so it's folded in half. Sew making sure to catch seam nice and flat.

10. Edge stitch each side of skirt.

11. Straight sew a seam 4.5" long from bottom up.

12. Turn opening in 1/4" and sew.

13. Finish bottom of dress with a zig zag stitch. Turn up 5/8" and straight sew.

14. Add velcro making sure to pin the soft side so it is toward doll body.

15. Sew Velcro into place.

I am so excited to gift a few different skirt colors with one shirt for the girls to play.


Coin Purse

This cute coin purse is made from faux suede. The free pattern is here.

It is an easy sew. Cut out, sew with 1/4" seam and flip it inside out.

Add a button to look just like Josefina's coin purse.

Magnolia & Willows hoping for a very Merry Christmas for all (filled with heirloom doll clothes).

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