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Learn to knit the easy way

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

A friend wants to knit a chunky throw and asked me how to do it.

I am famous for being able to easily explain the steps for projects, so I thought I would show everyone how.

Here is a step-by-step guide to making a chunky knit blanket like the one we sell on

But first, Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews, opinions or comparisons.

We used 9 skeins of Yarn Bee Showstopper in Ivory. This is good yarn that is soft and holds together well.

We will need 8 skeins for this project, so it is important we match lot numbers. Each “lot” is dyed together so try to find matching lot numbers to avoid different shades of yarn.

Find the end of yarn. Unravel yarn so you have some ready to knit.

Tie a tight knot in yarn end but leave a 4” loop.

Now comes the fun. We're going to make another loop. Put fingers through loop, grab length of yarn and pull it through the original loop. You now have one loop again, but one behind it too.

At the end of last video, you can see I measure. Each loop should be the same size. I am making each loop 4”.

Now continue putting finger through loop and grabbing yarn and making a new loop.

Make sure to put fingers into loop in same direction (if I am putting fingers into loop towards table then I have to do that the whole time, if I’m putting fingers into loop from table up then I have to do that whole time).

A standard throw is 60” x 50” so we will continue to make loops until the “chain” is 60” long.

Here is video showing what to do when you reach end of chain. In summary, we will use our loops from 1st chain to make a second “row”.

Now I did not mention that you should count every loop in first chain. Make sure you make a new loop with every loop from first chain. Otherwise, this is called a slipped stitch and the yarn will unravel during use.

Earlier we talked about putting fingers into loop the same way each time. This is important because when you go” over loop” it makes a knit, when you go “under loop” it makes a purl.

Anyways, continue making loops until blanket is 50” wide and tie yourself a knot.

Then congrats yourself because you have just knitted a chunky throw!

Here is a similar yarn available from Amazon.

Any yarn with a gauge of 14 or above will make a nice chunky knit blanket.

This Chunky Knit throw in Unicorn color is available for purchase in our shop.

Visit us at for all the best handmade home goods.

Happy Knitting!

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