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Magnolia & Willows Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer the top 10 questions we are asked about our fine candles.

  1. Why does this candle smell so good?

We pour our candles with 10% fragrance load, even though the industry standard is 4-6%. We want our customers to love the products that they purchase. We also use clean scent technologies and essential oils so no matter what percent we pour there will not be a hard chemical undernote for us to limit.

2. What is Pop Art candles?

The Pop Art in our branding refers to popular themes or subjects for a generation. The term was coined in the 1950’s to refer to items or things that are well known and loved by the public. Some well known examples are

•Andy Warhol painting the Campbell’s Soup Can or Marilyn Monroe • Banksy painting his artwork graffiti • Current trends of sushi, succulents and pears

Pop Art to us is enjoying an object for its form and shape. One of our favorite designs is meeting form and function so it make perfect sense to us to create highly fragranced candles in popular shapes.

3. Question 3 is a great one- What happens to the designs on top of the candles?

We like to place designs like hearts, stars, flowers or cactus’ on the tops of our candles. These are called embeds and are make of premium Soy Wax and Beeswax. The Soy/Beeswax blend give them a firm shape so they can hold up to our demolding and shipping processes. Each of these embeds melt just like a candle, dissolving into a pool or fragrance.

4. Many people say these candles are cool, neat and we’ve even heard them called works of art. Some people ask how we make them. We will have a video available soon but here’s the run down.

We find inspiring ideas all around us, which leads us right to our sketchbooks. Each product is first born in a sketch. After we imagine how the designs will take shape we get to go shopping! There are quite a few candle supply vendors, and we careful choose our products from vendors who share the same principles as we do (quality products, clean air, fair labor practice).
After we have design and products we heat wax to 185 degree, pour into vessels and add embeds. Then we test and test and test our candles. How does it smell when jar is half burned, what does the wick look like after 2 hours, and so on and so on.
If we see tunneling or quality defects we resolve them before our design ever sees a shelf.

5. How did you get into candlemaking?

You can read in depth here! I quick explaination is my Mother-in-Law told me to (lol).

I hope we covered the basic questions we usually are asked. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and we will answer. Candlemaking can be an extreme sport of juggling hot wax, but it is well worth it in the end. Our customers love our hand poured candles and everyone’s houses smell like homes.

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