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Magnolia & Willows reviews

I want to sing from the sky, our candle company is booming!

What started out as a small project in the kitchen has turned into a huge business venture with a website, blog, fairs, new studio and soon to be sold in stores.

absolutely unbelievable.

How did we get here in 8 months? Well, it took a lot of work, determination and the love from our customers❤️.

We opened our Etsy store on May 5th, 2021 with only 5 product.

Here’s our first review ever! I knew we were on to something good when I smelled our first batch of Watermelon fragranced candles. 🍉

There was something about the fresh, fruity aroma that just wasn’t like a store candle. I knew it was a step above and that Magnolia & Willows could provide that experience with our product.

So I knew I had a quality product and the few sales on Etsy all received 5 star reviews.

I got brave and went to my first craft show in June 2021 and it was a disaster.

There we were in the boiling hot Mississippi sun for 6 hours and not a single sale.

I tell you I cried. I thought ” this is the end. My candles aren’t pretty, they just aren’t any good”

So you know what I did? I whined and fussed for a day and then I got right back into the business of candles. My business.

I researched candles and candle businesses, I updated photos and I took a look at my products and updated them. I knew we had top quality candles.

I can tell you that show did so much for me, now that I look back. It forced me to be harder on myself because I didn’t want anyone to overlook our products like that again.

And they didn’t.

Now I think our first show was at a poorly planned event with little advertising in the boiling hot sun so there wasn’t many people to begin with, but when I finally got talked into another show we sold out!


I gotta say it again, we sold slap out of most of our products.

Fruit Loop Candles were flying into bags, Cactus Candles were everywhere. People came and said “I need this, this and this”

Our shows have been like that ever since.

As soon as someone sees and smells our candles they can tell they are high quality products.

So the business model changed a bit, I realized people need to touch our products and smell them to see the difference.

So we try to promote our products in a live setting and we have samples available everywhere.

That way people can smell and feel the difference in our candles compared to box stores.

Our candles grew themselves and took on a personality of their own.

They are cheeky, pop art. Ive had many people say they are art or they are too pretty to burn.

This sentiment evolved into Magnolia & Willows next phase of growth. We realized that we love to be a part of peoples memories and history.

We started moving into the gift set offers simply because we love to know our products were there to make a moment special for someone.

I look forward to watching Magnolia & Willows continue to grow over this next year.

We will update post frequently as we grow, so please like and follow us @

And if you have a business that ur just starting out and want to share with us, leave a comment.

Much Love, Magnolia & Willows.

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