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Make a silicone mold for Resin, Candles and Clay

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

We love making pop art candles by adding decorative elements to each one.

You can find many small businesses adding unsafe things to the top of candles like flowers, bits of wood or real food items. Every time I see these candles I shudder.

Candles are a potential fire hazard and should be treated as such. Magnolia & Willows strives to make safe, high quality candle products for our customers enjoy. Each of our candle designs are made with natural soy and beeswax blends.

Our Cactus Terrarium Candles are handmade with cactus shaped wax molds and Cactus Flower and Jade fragrance.

We recently started pouring our own silicone molds in order to bring more candle designs to the marketplace. We dream of tomato shaped candles, candle shaped candles and such designs that are not available in molds.

Here are the steps we used to create our first cylinder mold.

  1. We purchased Silicone kit from Amazon.

  2. Find a container large enough for the silicone. Any container that will hold liquid and is deep enough for your design is ok.

  3. Find item that you would like to make A mold of. We wanted a cylinder that was 5” x 3” but get creative here. Seashells, jewelry, food items are great ideas for molds.

  4. Ready a workspace for this project. Silicone liquids are incredibly sticky. Lay down a towel or freezer paper to protect the workspace.

  5. Mix Silicone components A and B following directions on package.

  6. Pour into container.

  7. Lay items to mold on top of silicone and press into silicone.

  8. Wait 4-6 hours for silicone to cure.

  9. Remove items from silicone.

  10. Remove your new mold from container.

  11. Wash the mold in warm water with mild detergent.

  12. Test mold by pouring your medium into mold. These molds are not food safe, but meant for Resin work, Candle wax and soap making.

Anyone who uses molds regularly knows how the expenses can add up. Molds on the market cost money, some don't work for your application, and they make products that look like everyone else’s. By making your own molds, you can create one-of-a-kind items for your hobby or business.

Here are the steps in pictures.

  1. Amazon supplied us with the Silicone Liquid Kit.

2. We wanted to make a mold that was slightly larger than a Monster can. We used a large mason jar to pour into.

3. The Monster can wasn’t as big as we wanted our mold, so we made it bigger by wrapping cloth and taping.

4. Cookie sheets are great alternatives as workstation mats. Freezer paper would also work well to protect table space.

5. The directions are simple. Add equal parts of liquid A and liquid B.

6 - 7. We poured the mixtures into our container, then placed our item to be molded.

8 - 11. Sadly, I am missing pictures of complete mold. We plan to make a Garden Tomato mold soon. Pictures will be added then.

Remember, Silicone mold making is incredibly sticky. Every item used to make this mold had to be discarded when the project was finished so make sure not to use your favorite spatula or bowl in this craft.

Magnolia & Willows loves candle making and we love small business. If you have any questions or enjoyed this tutorial, please leave a comment.

There are many tutorials and business ideas on our blog at

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