Make Cold Brew at home

Updated: Jul 8

I am obsessed with Starbucks Oatmilk Shaken Espresso. Starbucks does not seem to love me back though.

Between the long ass wait time and the ridiculous amount of times they have messed up my drink, I had to take matters into my own hands and recreate their awesome drink at home.

As an Amazon affiliate I can earn a small commission for any items purchased through a link on this page. I only link the items needed to make this drink.

These brands (Gevalia and Chobani) do not pay me to advertise, I just think they are great. I added Amazon links for anyone who does grocery shopping from home.

Starbucks did me in. I didn’t even know what oat milk was until they created ‘Shaken Espresso Brown Sugar Oat Milk Cold Brew’.

Thats a fancy way to say $6. Lol.

I started to get irritated because as a Mom I needed like at least 2 of these every day. I would drive over to Starbucks, wait in line (forever) and get my drink.

A lot of times they made it wrong because they were in a hurry and knew no one was going back stand in that line to return it.

So, I have been practicing this drink for about a year now and I have nailed the recipe.