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Adult Craft - Make your own decorative Wax Melts

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

I am going to show you how we make our Spring Collection decorative Wax melts.

But first, legal disclosure…

Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews, opinions or comparisons.

Here is our very own Rose scented wax melts. we sell them in gift bag of 3oz for warmers and also top our Rose candle tumbler with these.

Rose Shaped Melts

We will need to gather supplies before we start.

• Double Boiler or wax melting pot

- Do not heat wax directly over flame!

• Stovetop

• Silicone Stir Stick

• High temp thermometer

• Wax you can use an old candle that is too low to burn or get bag of wax from craft store, box store or Amazon

• Silicone mold

• Fragrance

EricX lighting is a solid brand of candle supplies. We have used these pour pots for years and they stand the test of time.

Start by placing silicone molds on a safe, level fireproof surface. There will be spillage, so we suggest laying freezer paper or cookie sheet u set molds.

Patelai supplied us with the flower molds.

Fill lower pot 1/2 full of water.

If you are melting old candle, you can place container directly in pot. Otherwise measure approximately 1/2 cup wax flakes into top pan.

Flake wax is quick and easy to use.

Turn heat to low on stove. Stir while wax melts.

It is very important to allow wax melt slowly and to monitor at all times. Wax can start fire very easily or burn people and items nearby. Use caution.

Check that temp has reached 120. All wax should be melted. If you are melting an old candle, you can pour directly into mold now.

For those that are using new wax, now we add fragrance. The mathematical measurement to get 10% fragrance load is. We have done the math for you, we will use .25oz.

Allow wax to cool undisturbed for 45 minutes. Wax will sink and design will look icky if surface is shaken or bumped.

After 45 minutes gently peel silicone from melt by using 2 hands to pull silicone away from design.

You are now holding a wax melt flower! You can place flower directly in wax warmer to fill home with fragrance.

Pictured is our Black Violet & Saffron melts.

These are great items to make for friends, for home use or for sales ventures. This way you can create custom scents for your home and tailor the strength of scent for your needs.

These wax melts can also be used in drawers, gym bags, garbage cans to freshen things up.

Just place in silk or nylon bag and hang- no need to light.

Use soap and water to clean all supplies after use. Wax can’t go down any household drain so wash in a bucket and use a strainer to remove all wax before pouring water into drain.

Disclaimer- Exercise caution with heat and flame. Never leave fire unattended. Keep away from children, pets and flammable objects. All information provided is for reference only. Magnolia & Willows is not responsible for any incident or injury from this publication.

You can find these awesome Rose shaped Wax Melts @ and please consider following us for more how-To’s, new product launches and exciting information.

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