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New home room renovation on a budget

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

I recently moved into a new house. I fell in love with the heritage of this house as soon as I saw it.

From the original wood trim, leaded windows to the fireplace I knew this would be a great home.

As with all things, this house needs some updates to make it a comfortable place.

The light fixtures are from the 80’s with rattan fans, the wall-to-wall carpet has seen better days and it seems everything was painted 90’s country blue!

I want to show you how we renovated the upstairs bedroom from blah-bluc to Wowza on a small budget.

Maybe you can use some ideas to improve your home.

But first, I must write legal disclaimer…

Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews, opinions, or comparisons.

The inspiration for this room is cottage chic minimal. I want to use this room as a multifunctional area for candle making and inspiration. I need to have a clean slate with white walls, but exciting intricate pops of color. I am hoping the color can complement the white and vice versa.

Here is a picture of room when we moved in.

I'm not sure what to call the paint job from yesteryear? Cloudy Gray? Shades of Gray? I don’t know but it makes this room dated, small and dingy.

If you look closely, you can spot the country blue carpet on floor.

I have a hunch there is wood under them there carpets😉

Oh, it is original wood floors in rough shape!

It looks like a previous owner spattered paint all over the place.

I will take a hot bucket of soap and water to loosen the paint with scrub brush.

These beautiful floors should look good as new after some elbow grease.

My vision is a crisp, white room with gold trim, white and pink frill, and an Art Deco spin.

This will be the temporary studio for Magnolia & Willows so we will need tables and shelving for our products.

Here we are in the middle of paint job.

That gray speckled paint was thick and the texture was not smooth, but two coats of paint will cover it fine.

We used Johanna Gaine’s paint in Pearly Cotton. I chose this paint because it is backed my Kilz brand and I need something to cover that old thick gray paint.

After the paint job this room is looking fresh!

It is cute, but it still needs some Cottage Chic.

Let's add some shelves for our Candles.

We are far from done with this labor of love, but Magnolia & Willows can create our fine candles once again.

Bookmark this blog post to stay up to date on our decorative accents and innovative storage hacks.

Much love,

• Paint $110

• Shelf brackets $26

• Wood for shelves $27

• Curtain Rod $9

• New light switch plate $25

• Geometric Painting $60

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