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Original American Girl clothing Patterns

Updated: Jun 2

I will never forget the day I learned that Pleasant Company published 6 sets of patterns for the original American Girl dolls free online.

I ran to the library and printed Samantha's wardrobe, ran home and never made them. 🤣🤣🤣

I'm older and wiser now. Not only do I hope to make some of these for Christmas presents( I'll add visual instructions when I do). I also know now to not print the entire set at once!

Each of these patterns is about 60 pages long. They include a few outfits for each doll.

I suggest printing only what you plan to make so you do lose any pages.


Please follow link and enjoy.❤️

Happy sewing.

For anyone who is new to sewing, please add me and check back to my blog. I will update posts as I sew these items starting with Josephina's Christmas outfit.


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