Repurpose Used Candle Jars

Let’s look at some ways to reuse those candle jars after the wax is spent.

I get asked pretty often, how to clean out a jar for reuse.

The easiest way is to place jar in freezer for about an hour to let the wax shrink and get brittle. Remove jar from freezer and use a screwdriver or plastic eating utensil to pry the wax from jar.

We use dawn dish detergent and dry eraser pads to remove wax from surfaces in our candle studio and it works perfectly.

After that use a bit of rubbing alcohol to wipe container to remove any leftover grime or oils.

Ta-Da, all that’s left is a gorgeous container.

Here are some great ideas on what to do with it.

  1. Reuse as a pencil holder on a desk. Our White Matte Tumblers with gold interior would totally bring some class to any desk. You could also corral all those push pins, staples or paper clips into a matching jar with lid.