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Sew your own Cape Island hair tie for 18" dolls

Updated: Jul 5

Doll has hair tie colored in gray, pink white and green
Addy Walker models a sewnCape Island hair tie

One of my favorite things to make is this replica Cape Island hair tie. It was not always my favorite sew though.

The 1/8 inch picot trim and cotton sateen can be a very difficult sewing experience.

Here is a tutorial to make it easier and more accurate so you can sew your own.

I have included link to purchase this replica fabric, 1/8" gray picot or the finished hair tie from our shop at the end of this article.

Sew your own Cape Island hair tie for 18" dolls instructions.

  1. Cut one length of fabric 28" by 3.75".

Fabric laying on cutting mat
Fabric cut to 28” by 3.75”

2. Fold edge of fabric in half. Cut a 45 degree angle in both edges.

V shape decoration adorns the edge
A 45 degree edge is cut

3. Find a line in fabric close to each long edge and pin the trim. Do not pin trim to edge of fabric it is too hard to sew.

Pivot trim is pinned to fabric
Don’t pin to edge. It’s more difficult to sew.

4. Straight stitch the trim. I go very slowly while I sew because I use 1/8" picot trim. Notice the decorative edge is facing the inside of fabric on purpose.

5. Cut another piece of fabric 28" by 4". Pin this fabric on top of our sewn fabric with right sides together.

Fabric is pinned with right sides together
We will use the previous stitches as a guide

6. Straight stitch over the stitches that are already on fabric leaving a spot open to turn fabric.

7. Trim fabric to match.

Fabric is shown sewn
Trim away excess fabric around our sew line

8. Flip fabric right side out.

9. Press. Make sure to press hole closed so it doesn't show.

10. Topstitch.

Beautiful hair tie is shown with picot edge
After turning, only picot is visible

We offer the fabric on spoonflower for purchase here. We created this design to replica a Cape Island dress hair tie.

See the fabric

We also have this hair tie available for sale in our shop here.

Check it out readymade

If you like 18" dolls or sewing please subscribe to our website to enjoy all the new things first.

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