Studies in Fragrance Scents

by Magnolia & Willows Pop Art Candle Makers

Magnolia & Willows product line has become quite large! Our customers have many choices when it comes to choosing a candle, melt or room spray.

We had an awesome customer come to us with questions like "Can I get a different scent in your dough bowls?" and "I can't find your Bamboo Coconut Aromatherapy candle in your shop!"

We are diligently working to improve our website shop. One of the reasons we wanted to pursue our own website besides our Etsy shop was because Etsy doesn't offer a lot of room for content like learning, videos and categories for products.

We are teaching ourselves how to create websites with an awesome website host named Bear with us, please, as we learn to add categories to improve customer search in our store.

Something we have always wanted to do was to teach about fragrances. Especially from the customer standpoint.

It is easy to call a candle "Fireplace". It is really hard to have many customers all imagine the same smells when you say fireplace. lol.