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Studies in Fragrance Scents

by Magnolia & Willows Pop Art Candle Makers

Magnolia & Willows product line has become quite large! Our customers have many choices when it comes to choosing a candle, melt or room spray.

We had an awesome customer come to us with questions like "Can I get a different scent in your dough bowls?" and "I can't find your Bamboo Coconut Aromatherapy candle in your shop!"

We are diligently working to improve our website shop. One of the reasons we wanted to pursue our own website besides our Etsy shop was because Etsy doesn't offer a lot of room for content like learning, videos and categories for products.

We are teaching ourselves how to create websites with an awesome website host named Bear with us, please, as we learn to add categories to improve customer search in our store.

Something we have always wanted to do was to teach about fragrances. Especially from the customer standpoint.

It is easy to call a candle "Fireplace". It is really hard to have many customers all imagine the same smells when you say fireplace. lol.

One of the solutions we found is to teach the basics of fragrance.

We at Magnolia & Willows classify our Fragrances as

  • Exotic

  • Gourmand (Foods)

  • Coffee House

  • Citrus

  • Floral

  • Woody

  • Fresh

We hope this will make it easier for the customer to look at a category and decide what new candle fragrances to try.

Let's expand our knowledge on each category. Interestingly enough, each category has assets that can help fit into different rooms in home or different moods of customer.


Exotic fragrances generally have a deep, heavy smell. Some smells to consider in the exotic category are seemingly common. Exotic the word has more to do with the fragrance being deep, heavy, strong, plush.

Some of the options in this category are vanilla, jasmine, nutmeg, vetiver, sandalwood and patchouli.

Exotic scents are often used as the bottom note in a fragrance blend. We will post a fragrance note study on this blog soon.

Exotic scents are especially suited for wintertime months and are great to use in a living room, bedroom or entryway. The heavy, smoky aroma isnt generally used in a Kitchen where it might interfere with the scents of dinner cooking.

Smoked Oud and Patchouli 8oz Tie Dyed Aromatherapy Candle

Gourmand (Food)

Fragrances that smell edible are considered gourmand fragrances. Scents like almond, chocolate, vanilla, butter or bread are all reminiscent of food items.

The candle world has recently exploded with popular food fragrances. There’s a whole sub-genre of cereal candles like cinnamon toast crunch or fruit loops. There is also a surge in dessert candles like strawberry shortcake, blueberry cobbler or birthday cake candles. These candles can be unique and beautiful.

Magnolia & Willows offers Fruit Loops, Coffee Cup Candles and a range of Aromatherapy candles with food-based scents.

Gourmand based fragrances are great to use in most places of the home or office. These versatile scents are pleasing anywhere but are not usually used in a bathroom. People don't enjoy food fragrances in that room.

Magnolia & Willows offers multiple sizes of Fruit Loops candles. Yes, they smell just like Fruit Loops.

Coffee House scents

We love coffee so much we had to give it its own category.

There's something so rich, exotic and classy about the fresh scent of roasted coffee. I read a long time ago that Dunkin Donuts used a scent release on a train and saw their revenue increase 200% at the Dunkin Donuts where the train had a stop.

Scent has that effect, especially the rich, fresh scent of coffee.

Magnolia & Willows offers quite a few coffee fragrances in a bunch of different vessels. We have coffee cups poured with fresh coffee, hot cocoa or hazelnut and topped with whipped wax drizzled with a syrup. We also have 4 fragrances in our Aromatherapy line Cinnamon Chai, Dark Roast Coffee, Mocha and Vanilla Latte.

Coffee scents can range from sweet to bitter depending on where fragrance is sourced from. We chose fresh coffee and hazelnut from Candle Science as a base for all of our Coffeehouse collection. We then add vanilla, chocolate and some other fragrances to create a quality scent experience for our customers.

Coffee scents are not really their own category if you study fragrance, but we love coffee so much that we wanted to recreate some of the amazing possibilities. Our Vanilla Latte smells just like the machien at a gas station thick vanilla cream mixed with burnt coffee, our Mocha reminds us of Gloria Jean Mocha Latte and our Fresh Coffee smells just like Starbucks so we couldnt resist but to offer coffee lovers these choices.

Coffee fragrance candles can be used anywhere in a home or office. The rich aroma lends itself well to bathroom when your getting ready for your day, to kitchen while your cleaning up after dinner.

Hot Cocoa Coffee Mug Candle. We also have a Hazelnut Coffee Mug Candle.


Citrus scents are especially interesting to me at the moment. I recently partnered with a luxury bath product maker for an interview (Artist Spotlight March- YOYOBELLACO) and made a Lemon Verbena candle. While researching Lemon Verbena, I read studies about how it resets the mind. Apparently, in aromatherapy circles, it is known to be a mental reset button. Clears nasal passages and stimulates mind to relax.

That was interesting to me and got me looking more into citrus scents.

Citrus scents are used to clear toxic smells like cigarettes from a room so it makes sense to me that they would also clear the mind. If you believe in that sort of thing. I personally find that certain scents do lift mood, invigorate, calm or whatever so I am with it even if science isn't. Don't throw your doctor away for a candle or anything. lol.

Here is a list of Citrus fragrances we currently offer.

Citrus scents lend themselves especially well to kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. These scents have a uplifting and awakening habit so they are not necessarily good for the bedroom. Citrus fragrances can mask the smell of smoke, fish or oil so excellent for Kitchen.

Uber popular candle. Monster Energy Drink in Lemongrass fragrance.


Floral scents are so hard to recreate correctly. I bet we have all smelled terrible knock off perfumes of roses and hyacinth in our day. I've noticed fragrance sellers have stepped up their game with these floral scents. Our Rose for example is a great scent and the base, middle and top notes have green ozone, woods and some other compounds that seem to balance the rose scent so that it is delicate and floral not overpowering.

As a woman, I thoroughly enjoy florals in my bedroom and bathroom. It adds some wow to getting dressed and ready for the day. Grab a couple wax melts and place them in a drawer to have your clothes smell extra fresh without even burning the melt.

Our Spring Collection '22 in 4oz clear jars.


Best described as woody, earthy or grounding these fragrances are reminiscent of hard nature. The pine forests of Western U.S, cedars from Deep South, bonfires across America.

Fragrances based in nature have increased in popularity over time. A tearing to bring the outdoors into our homes has led to many products contalining these rich scents. Some of my favorite examples are sandlewood, teakwood, tobacco and moss.

Woody scents are similar to Exotics in the way that they can be heavy. I dont advise these for the Kitchen, but they will be welcome in any other part of the house.

Premium 16oz dough bowl poured with Patchouli.


Light and airy these scents are crisp and weightless. Think fresh cut cucumber slices and you are right at home. Fresh scents are a class of fragrances that do not overpower the nose when sniffed. Often used for summer perfumes, candles and cleaning products. Some examples are cucumber, cotton sheets and lemongrass.

Fresh scents are so light and crisp that they will be enjoyed anywhere in the home or office. Best suited to summertime with warm sunlight and nice breezes.

One of my personal favorites. This smells just like walking through a garden in summer.

Garden Fresh Tomato in 8oz Aromatherapy jar.

Fragrances have the ability to transport us mentally. They can uplift mood, calm mind or remind us of different places in our lives. 2022 seems to be a year to add value to our days and lives with little details of pleasure like a favorite scent. We wanted to put this list together to have a base of fragrance knowledge before we dive deeper into fragrance studies like how scent is created, how the body recognizes scent and what it does to the mind. Please consider following our blog at to stay informed and grow with us.

Magnolia & Willows has these and many other great scents available on our website. We strive to use clean fragrance technologies, natural waxes and sustainable packaging. We want to fill homes with great products, not harmful chemicals.

Our Cactus Flower and Jade collection goes to show.

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