Testing Candles for production

There is more to making candles and pouring them into jars.

If you want to have a serious candle company is it going to me vital that you test each candle for quality.

It sounds serious and it is, but also fun.

Create your candle design and allow it to cure by sitting on shelf for 30 days.

After 30 days take candle out and light it.

The candle needs to be burned until it is gone or it fails.

Things that make a candle test fail are

• If it tunnels there will be wax that did not burn along sides of container. A good test will burn candle evenly.

• If the wick goes out. This shows wick is too small to combust as much wax as container is providing. Increase wick size when you pour again.

• Container fails. The container fails if it is too hot to touch, melts or explodes. (Always use reputable vessel supplier

• Black smoke is emitted. Yuck! No customer wants this, reduce wick size on next test.

• Mushroom wick. Wick is oversized for container. Candle will burn through wax faster than it should and create soot at some point. Reduce wick size

Make sure to test so you can give your customers the ultimate candle experience and trust in your brand.