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The coupon apps I save a ton of money

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Dollar General

You know those long receipts from Dollar General that say “$5 off $25 on Saturday“? Well you can throw them away because the Dollar General coupon app has that and much, much more! Just head on over to, make an account and start saving coupons. It’s that easy. When you get to the checkout, simply put your phone number in and the register will add all coupons automatically. Even the $5 off $25!


I have been using Ibotta for 5 years and have saved $900 on groceries and home essentials with this app alone. Ibotta is my favorite way to save money at the grocery store. This app is so easy. Download Ibotta, choose coupons and take a picture of your receipt.
They offer coupons on new food items and bath essentials.

Right now you can sign up and get $10 deposited in your account after the first purchase. Click here to get your $10.

Fetch is even easier than Ibotta! After I downloaded app, I just take a picture of any receipt and they give me points. Some items get high points, but every receipt gets at least 25 points. After 3000 points I get a reward. I always choose Amazon gift card. Every month Fetch gives me a $5 Amazon gift card!
Right now if you use this referral code you can start with 2,000 points. Link here.

Bing coupon finder

This isn’t a download, it came on my laptop, but Bing does a handy search each time I go to a cart. I try to make purchases on my laptop so Bing can search for the best coupons on items I plan to buy.

If you haven’t heard of , boy are you missing out. Slickdeals is a huge sale monitoring site. When I say huge I mean huge. I started using them at Christmas when the kids were little to find the best deal on a play kitchen. let’s you search for items or browse top deals of the day. They also let their users rate the coupon links so you can see if coupon is a dead end or actually works.

Ill be honest, I used to love more than anything but their program was updated and I have trouble with all the pages. Still is a website that collects all the online coupons for a given store. I have to add it to this list because I check for coupons before I check out with any purchases.

There you have it, a core list of deals and coupon websites that regularly save me money.

There once was a commercial that said “ Never pay full price again” and I took that to heart! Lol.

Retail prices can get inflated for no good reason and I love to find a deal and keep my hard earned money in my pocket.

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