The coupon apps I save a ton of money

Updated: Jul 7

Dollar General

You know those long receipts from Dollar General that say “$5 off $25 on Saturday“? Well you can throw them away because the Dollar General coupon app has that and much, much more! Just head on over to, make an account and start saving coupons. It’s that easy. When you get to the checkout, simply put your phone number in and the register will add all coupons automatically. Even the $5 off $25!



I have been using Ibotta for 5 years and have saved $900 on groceries and home essentials with this app alone. Ibotta is my favorite way to save money at the grocery store. This app is so easy. Download Ibotta, choose coupons and take a picture of your receipt.
They offer coupons on new food items and bath essentials.</