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The Ultimate Guide of Crafts to Make and Sell

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

We love crafts. These days crafts have become amazingly popular. As soon as I saw Tom Daley knitting at the Olympics I went wild! In between competing for the gold for US he was knitting sweaters. What a way to inspire a whole new generation to such a creative hand craft.

We've all spent a lot of time in our homes in the last few years. Between quarantine, remote working and this questionable economy we've had plenty of time to look around our homes and realize there are a lot of disposable, bland home goods.

It became easy to go to Walmart, Costco or some box store and grab pictures for walls, dinner ware or whatever and it all seems to blend into everyone else's home.

Thankfully we are having a renaissance of sorts. Knitting, Crochet, painting, Ceramics, beaded jewelry, macrame are all back in vogue. Our homes are starting to complement our individual tastes, not box store commonality.

I've put together a guide to some handicrafts that can be made and sold to add style and taste to customers lives. I include links and pictures for items to purchase and I can make a commission sometimes. I like to call this list pin money or egg money, because back in the day women would have a little side hustle from home and put the money in their piggy banks for a rainy day.



There are some amazing knitting sites with free patterns.

Here are a few of our favorites.

  1. Sweaters baby, youth, adult

  2. Scarf and matching gloves

  3. Slippers for all ages

  4. Knit a cowl

  5. Knit an easy wrap

  6. Hat esp. for babies and the elderly

  7. Socks with fun patterns

  8. Knit winter gloves

  9. Reusable swifter pads

  10. Kitchen scrub pads (ecofriendly items are always amazing)



Macrame is really all the rage in home decor right now. It fits perfectly with the natural ascetic. That has been popular since quarantine.

With $18 you can get a large roll of macrame rope and make some easy items to sell at the market.

  1. Plant hangers

  2. Wall decoration

  3. Curtains for doorways or windows

  4. Chairs

  5. Picture hangers

  6. Shelves

  7. Jewelry

  8. Totes or purse

  9. Key chains



My personal favorite craft. The ideas are really endless here. Most small businesses do well to specialize in some catagory. I have met brick and moter shops that sell home decor upholstry and quilts, boutiques that specialize in childrens clothes, toys and hair bows and there is always a market for Adult fashion.

Perhaps the next costume shop, pagent dress store, doll clothing vendor, eco friendly stall will be yours.

  1. family pajamas

  2. Purses or tote bags

  3. Baby clothes

  4. Adult clothing

  5. costumes

  6. blankets

  7. curtains

  8. offer alterations

  9. jackets

  10. upcycle and embellish jackets or purses

  11. Hair bows

  12. Table settings

  13. Reusable paper towels

  14. Beauty bags/ make up bags

  15. pillows

  16. Lamp shade covers

  17. Outfits for dolls

  18. outfits for porch ducks

  19. flags for yard signs

  20. rugs, rag rugs

  21. play mats for babies

  22. Baskets

  23. couch covers/ slipcovers

  24. tablecloths

  25. wall hangings

  26. casserole dish warmer totes

  27. shopping bag holders

  28. scent sachets

  29. reusable hand warmers

  30. Boo boo bunnies

  31. nursery sheets sets

  32. nursery mobile

  33. hanging storage

  34. storage cubes

  35. laundry baskets

  36. baby blankets

  37. diaper bags

  38. diaper wet sacks

  39. Memory bears

  40. stuffed animals

  41. decorative wall for baby

  42. make up holder

  43. reusable bowl covers

  44. hanging kitchen towels

  45. aprons esp. matching mommy and me

  46. dog blankets

  47. dog clothes

  48. dog collars and leashes

  49. dog crate covers

  50. dog shoes

  51. baby shoes

  52. doll shoes

  53. hats

  54. Bath towel sets

  55. dog toys

  56. kids toys

  57. remote holder for couch

  58. Reusable swifter pads

  59. make up remover pads

  60. Dish cloths

  61. Clothes pin hanger

  62. Pincushions



Cricut creations are trending hard right now. Seems like everyone owns a Cricut or plans to purchase one. Essentially a Cricut cuts material into a design. Most people use a Cricut to cut vinyl letters or pictures and iron them onto shirts, signs and cups, but there are many more options for making something from this versatile tool.

We interviewed a small business owner to get a feel for her work here.

  1. Shadow boxes

  2. 3D table decor

  3. color on shirts

  4. personalized cups and mugs

  5. wooden signs

  6. quilt kits

  7. leash holder

  8. Stickers

  9. Wall Art


Hot glue gun

Why not?

  1. Hair bows

  2. photo wall hanging

  3. Personalized door hanging

  4. wreaths

  5. toms

  6. placemats

  7. Lapels

  8. hats



If you have ever considered woodworking now is the time.

The current design trends lean toward natural wood looks, plants and simple rustic designs.

I personally think even if you could supply a cricut or painting business you could make money with wholesale.

  1. toys

  2. furniture

  3. knife handles

  4. Signs

  5. Soap bar holders from wood

  6. trays

  7. doll house


Bath and Body

Bath and body market is HUGE. There is room for unique makers, but just barely.

If you are destined to open a Bath and Body business make sure to have a hook like organic, honey based, essential oil based or some such thing.

Everyone uses and loves these products everyday.

There are just so many choices for the customer that in order to be profitable you really have to bring quality, awesome branding and a unique experience.

  1. Soap

  2. Bath Bombs

  3. Lip Gloss

  4. Bath Salt

  5. Lotion

  6. perfume

  7. Soap bar holders from cloth

  8. Body Scrub



These items don’t fit into a categor, they are uniquely their own craft idea.

  1. artificial flower arrangements

  2. Personalized buttons

  3. hand carved items

  4. leather belts

  5. painted tin

  6. candles

  7. scrapbook kits

  8. Room Sprays

  9. Wax Melts

  10. Weave baskets

  11. make rugs

  12. bead jewelr, shirts or fabric for sewers

13. Plants

14. SVG files



High on the list of selling are DIY adult crafts. They are so hot because everyone has been cooped up in house due to lockdown. People are interested in showing their creativity and spending time with their families.

That said, it will take some work to stand out in this market. Try a line that caters to a small niche like quick crafts, easy crafts or pet crafts.

  1. Scrapbook kit

  2. candle kit

  3. lip gloss kit

  4. bath bomb kit

  5. sticker kit

  6. Christmas present kit

  7. Welcome new home kit

  8. eco friendly starter kit

  9. sewing kit

  10. quilt block kit



There has been a wave of resin cutting board businesses lately. This craft is pretty cool. Purchase a mold, resin and colorant and go to town.

The ideas are endless. You could make fruit shapes for decoration, add objects to resin for paperweights, door stoppers or coasters.

  1. Coasters

  2. Key Chains

  3. Candle holders

  4. Jewelry

  5. bowls

  6. figurine toys



The one thing I consider recession proof. People love to eat, they like convenience and they love to share tasty, unique foods with their friends and family.

  1. Cakes, cupcakes, baked goods

  2. Breads,

  3. pastas

  4. candies

  5. jellies jams marmalade

  6. spice kits

  7. ice cream

  8. snow cones

  9. hot dog stand

  10. taco stand

  11. Catering



I have personally known a person who made an entire career out of men’s belts with College teams on them. Leather crafts have their own custome base of people willing to pay good money for quality pieces that speak to them.

  1. Belts

  2. wallets

  3. purses

  4. key rings

  5. Phone covers

  6. jewelry

  7. coasters

  8. upholstery seats bikes

  9. Drink cozy

  10. lighter holder

  11. sunglasses holder

  12. Gun holster

  13. hat

  14. Basket

  15. chaps


If your interested in making and selling crafts, Magnolia & Willows blog has great tips. How to enter your first craft show, How to market on Instagram, How to start a business and How to package and ship products.

If you interested you can subscribe to my mailing list for updates and other great articles. 🕯 💕 Magnolia & Willow.

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