10 Tips and Tricks for Candles

Candles are an amazing decoration. They can provide a warm, inviting fragrance, eye candy and the stimulating glow of a safe fire right in your home.

Candles seem pretty straightforward. Place somewhere safe and light it. Easy peasey.

But actually candles have some requirements to burn safely and correctly.

If you follow these tips from Magnolia & Willows, you can get more life and enjoyment from each candle you burn.

The most well loved candles will get low, low low in the jar.

You can light the end of a spaghetti noodle in order to reach the wick.

Please be careful because the noodle will obviously be hot( it’s on fire lol), but it maintains a smooth small flame just long enough to reach that wick at the bottom of the jar.

I run the noodle under water to extinguish flame before throw away after use.