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Watch us pour Skulls and Pumpkins

This is start to finish as we make wax melt and embed sugar skulls and pumpkins.

Magnolia & Willows Fall Collection

We are so excited for fall! Just think 2 years ago we were all returning to work during a pandemic.

The pain and confusion of the times was so difficult on each of us, but fast forward two years and we’ve all learned to celebrate the little moments in life.

I cannot wait for cooler weather, cozy cuddles and the fall leaves. These will all bring joyful memories of Halloween costumes and Harvest dinners.

Our premium Pop Art Candles help foster memories by adding light scent to homes. Scent is linked strongly to memory banks in the human mind.

I will be choosing a special scent this year like Lemongrass & Sage, knowing each time I smell this fragrance in years to come I will be transported right back to this Fall and these memories.

Really if you think about it, memories are the only thing we collect and keep.😊🎃💕

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